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15 Best Vue Mobile Ui Frameworks For Developing Apps

Meteor is known for being easy to learn, allowing small businesses to launch fully-functioning apps in weeks rather than months. As a cross-platform JS framework, web applications and mobile apps can utilize React.js. Your company should explore which ecosystem works best on the server side and on the client side of communication. Another critical feature of jQuery is its AJAX support that allows developers to build a responsive application. JQuery is a cross-platform, lightweight JavaScript mobile framework that abides by its “write less, do more” approach. It is independent of any platform and can be used across different types of browsers.

It offers many components suitable for writing a desktop web application. Element is a good choice if you are building Vue.js based app using Electron. The free version of MDB Vue provides 500+ material UI elements completely built with Bootstrap and Vue, and no dependency on jQuery or any other JavaScript frameworks. There is also a pro version of this UI Kit, that will allow you to have even more design choices as well as professional support.

  • This allows you to build those libraries yourself, tailored to your exact requirements.
  • Ionic helps in creating robust and feature-loaded apps using the combination of Ionic+Angular JS.
  • A great advantage of using jQuery as your JavaScript mobile framework is that it readily supports a number of operating platforms, both modern and old.
  • It makes use of an extended and integrated JavaScript stack that helps in offer more with lesser coding involved.

Angular uses TypeScript, a type-safe programming language that’s a superset of JavaScript. A collection of Sass and Javascript tools for generating frontend code. Highly flexible platform with a rapid testing process which is very easy to perform.

While it does not support any other platform, you can build web apps using the Material look or the iOS look. Ionic Framework offers this Vue based UI library that allows you to built iOS and Android apps from a single code base. It offers an javascript mobile framework open source mobile UI toolkit for building high quality, cross-platform native apps as well as web apps. Ionic Vue combines the core Ionic UI Components, gestures, and animations with the tooling and APIs that are tailored to Vue Developers.

Additionally, React.JS offers a modular structure that is incredibly flexible and focuses on delivering high application performance. Its rich toolset, reusable components, strong support backup, SEO-friendly navigation, and user-friendly approach makes it a favorite of the global developer community. One of the most famous JavaScript frameworks for mobile app development is React. Launched by Facebook back in 2003, React enjoys a broad community and Facebook Support, accompanied by saturated environments, reusable components, and improved efficiency.

Vue Js Disadvantages

So, there cannot be a definite outcome of our discussion, which would declare Angular vs React to be a better framework. Which Vue framework, in your opinion, is best for building mobile apps with Vue.js? If you are using Vue.js in your mobile apps and have a favorite mobile framework then do share with us in the comments below. If you find any Vue UI framework for mobile missing in the above list then don’t hesitate to add it in the comments below. While Element is a desktop UI library based on Vue 2.0, we think it is relavant to be mentioned in this article.

javascript mobile framework

JavaScript is a scripting language undertaken by developers who perform front-end programming applications for building dynamic content and websites or web-based applications. While JS has been the foundation ground, its raw materials were served by JS Frameworks. Meteor creates simple, efficient, and scalable mobile applications using the JavaScript framework.

What Is Javascript Framework?

It has the best Live Reload feature in which the first screen is for modifying code and the second one for previewing the changes that you had just made. React Native encourages maximum code reusability for avoiding the extra time, energy, and money. No need of decoding every line and this avoids the unnecessary time and efforts that are being used in maintaining an app. Before we look into which of the two are more popular, you must understand that Angular is a full-fledged Framework while React is just a highly mature JavaScript library. Both Angular and React are used by start-ups as well as Fortune 500 companies. However, as per StackOverflow Survey, React is more popular than Angular.

It offers support for some technical components that are present in its library. Ionic apps do not offer the best performance as they were created for any particular platform. The Ionic framework has the top documentation support with a strong community. Ionic helps in creating robust and feature-loaded apps using the combination of Ionic+Angular JS. Using Ionic, you have the best advantage of developing once, and putting them to all the supported platforms is just an attempt. The documentation is very poor to React Native as the developers are not much experienced.

Different types of programming languages are used for mobile code applications specific to different operating systems like iOS, Android, and Windows. For instance, while Objective C is used to code an iOS app, Windows uses the .NET framework. An Android app, on the other hand, generally uses JavaScript mobile frameworks.

How To Add Tab Navigation In React Native

The first version of Angular dates back to 2009, and it’s evolved since then to a full-featured framework. Try building from a mobile framework or using one of the complete apps. React uses JavaScript whereas Angular uses Typescript, which provides a cleaner and more easily readable code. Also, as Angular is a full-fledged framework, it is more suited for big enterprise-wide applications.

Choosing a JavaScript framework for a new project can be a daunting task. There’s always a new one getting hype from the community, while the established players still have a lot to offer. It does not offer the best performance as compared to other frameworks. It gets the best hardware support that helps to work with plugins and APIs for offering the best functionality. JavaScript developers may feel overloaded due to the merging of AngularJS. It has a lot of dependency on plugins that may affect the overall app performance.

Furthermore, Meteor allows code reuse and has a powerful CLI that empowers its environment. As a result, Sencha Touch isn’t a good JavaScript mobile game framework. A great advantage of using jQuery as your JavaScript mobile framework is that it readily supports a number of operating platforms, both modern and old.

We have tried to list the most popular Vue UI mobile frameworks first that have better community and support channels. In theory, you can use any web framework that supports mobile browsers and make it work with Vue and Cordova or Vue and Capacitor. One of the major pros of Node.JS is that it can multitask like few others. Its enhanced ability to multitask is accompanied by the benefit of advancements that are brought about by Google Chrome’s V8 benchmark suite. The framework offers improved performance, easy adaptability & scalability, community support, and a cost-effective solution. It also helps in increasing app response time, decreases loading time and time to market, and assists in developing cross-platform applications.

Opinionated features often make it easy for development teams to get on the same page when sharing code. Assets gives you Section 508 compliant, cross-browser compatible UI components that you can use in your accessible web site or web application. It consists of massive UI components that are used for creating an eye-catchy user interface in the app. React Native uses many different ready to use components that helps in speeding up the whole process of development. Highly scalable platform as once the development is completed, the apps can be utilized on different platforms. Talking of languages, you also need to consider that JavaScript is a dynamically typed language whereas TypeScript is a statically typed language.

javascript mobile framework

Ionic was released in 2013 in the market and till now more than 5+ million apps have been built with ionic. The CSS of this framework allows us to easily render a beautiful look for all the applications. Sencha Touch is a leading HTML JavaScript framework for mobile app development that is based on the MVC architecture. Developers can build apps simply using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS with the Sencha Touch.

Benefits Of Angular Framework

Also, it has a special command line that allows developers to initiate a new project by simply using a base template. Some of the major users of Vue.JS include Gitlab, Xiaomi, and Alibaba. A unified, HTML5-based user interface system for all popular mobile device platforms, built on the jQuery and jQuery UI foundation. Its lightweight code is built with progressive enhancement, and has a flexible, easily themeable design. Onsen UI is a popular framework for building HTML5 hybrid and mobile web apps.

As an extremely versatile and flexible JavaScript mobile framework, Vue.Js has a wide range of advantages that is quite evident from its growing popularity. It is smaller in size, simple to use, easy to integrate, customizable, and easily optimizable, provides good documentation, has few restrictions, and offers impressive support. You’ll probably need to select a full-featured framework to build your front end. An HTML-based templating syntax, allowing developers to write components quickly and easily. It’s considered easier to work with than the two bigger software frameworks.

Modern Javascript Revolution

JQuery Mobile is a leading user interface framework, created on jQuery core and based on JavaScript programming. It is lightweight in size, with a strong theming framework and simple API that facilitates the creation of highly responsive mobile applications and powerful websites. It designs single good quality websites and applications that can work seamlessly on devices and platforms.

Mithril has some of the best getting-started guides and comprehensive documentation. Lit is another project supported by Google, so again, make of that what you will. Lit doesn’t use the DOM to update components, so page updates are remarkably fast. Aurelia’s attention to standards and its unobtrusive nature makes it easy to integrate with existing code. You can write your components in generic JavaScript or Typescript and plug them into Aurelia. The wide use and broad adoption of React helps your team grow more easily.

Best Vue Mobile Ui Frameworks For Developing Apps

Owned by Microsoft, Xamarin is a .NET based framework that creates native and high-performance mobile apps. It integrates seamlessly with modern-day components, backend services, native APIs. It broadens the .NET platform to design and develop apps for Android, iOS, macOS, watchOS, and Windows. The most important reason for adopting hybrid mobile app development is that it is budget-friendly as its cost is just half of the native app development. Stephen Covey said that there are three constants in life – change, choice, and principles. As they keep changing continuously, you must choose to work with them depending on the basic principles discussed just now.

If you like things done your own way it is easier to add your own components/libraries to the React framework because of its minimalist approach. However, if you are using Angular, you must accommodate the pre-existing libraries. If the app that you are developing needs libraries that are already available in Angular, it would make sense to use Angular. On the other hand, if the libraries that you need are not there in either Angular or React, you cannot really make a decision based on this criterion.

In this article, we will go through some of these Vue mobile UI frameworks which can be used in building multi device hybrid apps as well as Native mobile apps. Another leading open-source front-end development JavaScript framework is Vue.JS. It uses ‘high decoupling,’ enabling developers to build dynamic user interfaces, and comes with a reactive component system. Although Vue.JS is primarily for HTML JavaScript mobile framework, we can add and use JSX, CSS, and TypeScript as well.

React Js Disadvantages

If that sounds similar to a software library, it’s because libraries and frameworks have a lot in common, but they’re not quite the same. In hybrid app development, there is no need for any approval as you can have full access to all the automatic updates. You can take it to be an advantage or disadvantage depending upon your preferences.

Somewhere React Native still faces a gap for navigation components that can offer contact user experience. You can use Angular and React together, especially if you want to boost the performance of your Angular applications. If you are planning to completely do away with Angular in future, then also it makes sense to develop the application using both Angular and React. It offers many high quality components as well as customizable theme file. Keen UI is a collection of Material Design UI components written with Vue.js. It offers numerous Material style components such as for alert, autocomplete, FAB, popover, snackbar, tabs etc.

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