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How good is your phone camera? We put five to the test

The Script node allows custom logic, driving GPIO, UART, network protocols etc., letting direct controls of actuators, direct reading of sensors, etc. from/to the pipeline of CV/AI functions. A target example is making an entire autonomous, visually-controlled robotic platform with DepthAI as the only processor in the system. DepthAI Mode – this uses the onboard cameras directly into the Myriad X, and boots the firmware over USB from a host processor running Linux, Mac, or Windows.

  • On the accessories front, Lumina’s A.I.-powered 4K camera is an excellent alternative to the Link.
  • Bright sunlight coming through a window behind you may conceal your face on the web camera.
  • On one of the screens, you have to uncheck the checkbox called “Show only compatible hardware” if I remember correctly.
  • To resolve the issue, you are supposed to open your PC and inspect your webcam connector.

But when you get closer, the quality is very low, with noise, pixelation, and noticeable edge enhancement. It’s only when you put it alongside the Pixel 6’s photo that you see what the scene really should look like. It’s just so well-balanced, with a defined and dramatic sky, a realistic reflection in the water, and plenty of detail. The iPhone SE’s photo comes close, but is hurt by the tighter framing, a consequence of the phone’s camera rather than me changing position.

If the camera was working before a recent driver update, restoring the previous version can resolve the problem. If reinstalling Snap Camera doesn’t solve the problem, then you can try installing an older version of the app on your PC from the Snap Camera download page. Sometimes, new updates to software could break some of its functionality and compatibility with other apps and services.

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The iPhone’s ultrawide camera struggles to pick out shadow details even more than the main sensor if we’re being picky. I’d also argue that 13mm is a bit too wide, as the iPhone and the Galaxy S22’s shots have more of a warped look than images from the other two phones. The Find X5 Pro’s ultrawide seems like the sweet spot, and the use of a larger image sensor ensures that switching lenses doesn’t impact image quality in trickier lighting conditions. As I hammered home on my iPhone 12 Pro review, you also need high-quality hardware, like lenses and sensors, to make great photos. Those components drink in the light and allow the software to perform its magic.

Everything you see is happening on your computer and never sent to our servers. In a few moments, you should see the live video coming from your web camera. Fortunately, your own eyeballs can tell you quite a bit about how well a camera does with this target, just by looking at the output. The number values next to Mic Test – Check Microphone Online – the resolution wedges refer to resolution in units of line pairs per picture height.

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Enabling it incurs a slight 1.08x crop, but it does an effective job smoothing out camera shake when shooting handheld in 4k. When shooting in JPEG, images don’t have much visual noise, especially at ISOs below 800 and when viewed at full size. However, noise becomes much more apparent at higher ISO levels, so it isn’t the best camera for low-light situations. The iPhone, the P9 and the HTC have larger than average pixels, at 1.22µm, 1.25 µm and 1.55µm respectively. That allows more light to hit the sensor, giving better images in theory. Our preference rated the iPhone image better than the HTC, but only just.

Details are sharp and focused, while color balance and exposure are also reasonably good, glossing over the iPhone’s continuous yellow hues, of course. Oppo Find X5 Pro — Oppo doesn’t offer the widest lens here, but it handles tough shooting conditions better than the rest and controls lens distortion. You’ll have to live with the phone’s saturated colors, though. Oppo Find X5 Pro — Heavier dose of sharpening than the competition and the camera can struggle to focus on macro shots. Otherwise, there are no apparent issues, and it’s very tight among the top three.

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